Personal Protection Orders

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     An Order for Personal Protection protects you from an abuser. The order will direct an individual to stop abusing, communicating, or visiting your home or place of employment.  These orders are usually granted when a person and/or his/her child(ren) have been the victim of domestic violence, as defined by statute. If you wish to obtain, or defend against, a protective order, The Cutler Law Firm can help.

     In order to obtain an Order for Protection, you must have a “significant relationship” with the abuser.

     Under Michigan law, any of the following constitute domestic abuse:
  • Physical abuse;
  • Verbal abuse;
  • Mental abuse; or
  • Threats and intimidation.
The abuser can be:
  • A spouse;
  • Former spouse;
  • A person with whom you have cohabitated with in the past;
  • The parent of your child, regardless of whether you have been married or not in the past;
  • A person with whom you have had a romantic or sexual relationship in the past; or
  • A blood relative.
     If you do not have a significant relationship with someone who has assaulted you, you can seek relief in the form of a Restraining Order.
     Once an Order for Protection is granted, it can last for up to two years. As the expiration date approaches, the party who secured the Order may petition the Court for an extension.
     An Order for Protection, on its own, will not guarantee your complete protection. However, it does increase the odds that you will remain safe, because if the abuser violates the terms of the Order for Protection, he/she will be arrested, face criminal charges, and likely go to jail. 
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