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     The Cutler Law Firm represents clients throughout Oakland County, Washtenaw County, Macomb County, Livingston County Wayne County and throughout Michigan who are interested in modifying their current custodial arrangement with their children. You may have been inappropriately advised or there may have been an event that has changed the circumstances between your children and the other parent. Your particular case will be reviewed to determine the best method to alter your current custody arrangement to better suit your desired results.
    This process begins with the filing of a special motion, know as a Motion To Modify Custody that must satisfy particular elements to meet a threshold requirement for the Court to find that there is a change in circumstances. Once that threshold is met, the Court will schedule an evidentiary hearing to receive testimony and admit documentary evidence to determine whether the proofs offered satisfy the required burdens to grant your motion for change of the custody. If you would like to learn more about how custody can be changed or modify, and how The Cutler Law Firm can help you with that process, we welcome you to contact our firm today for a free initial consultation. THE CONTACT FORM
   There are particular requirements to be successful in a Motion For Change of Custody. If you call us, we will be able to determine what options you have to alter the custody situation with your children.
  • The law relevant to Motions For Change And Modifications Of Custody
     The Court is empowered by statute to modify the custodial arrangements relating to a minor child, until he/she reaches the age of eighteen years. MCLA 722.72(c); MSA 25.312 (7)(1) The Courts are directed to order parenting time that promotes a strong relationship with the child and his/her parents. Booth -v- Booth, 494 Mich App 284; 486 NW2d 116 (1992) The Courts may consider moral fitness and character when deciding motions of this kind Helms -v- Helms, 185 Mich App 680; 462 NW2d 812 (1990)
     If you would like to have a free consultation with an experienced attorney, kindly contact The Cutler Law Firm at 248-489-8780 or completeTHE CONTACT FORM and an Attorney will promptly respond to your inquiry
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