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    There is a growing movement toward using alternatives to traditional litigation to resolve divorce cases. One of the most popular options is mediation, which involves both spouses, and their attorneys, meeting with a neutral person trained to help them come to an agreement that is mutually acceptable. The Cutler Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients in mediation during the past 21 years. 
     In some Michigan counties, the court provides mediators on issues concerning the custody of the child(ren) at little or no cost. Property issues may require a private mediator, the cost of which is typically split among the parties. You can expect to spend at least $300.00 per hour for a good mediator, the cost of which is usually divided with your spouse.  Mediation is confidential and non-binding. Mediators cannot force the parties into a settlement. Rather, mediators keep everyone focused and facilitate the exchange of information. Mediation is not appropriate in all cases, particularly those in which there is a history of domestic abuse among the parties. The actions and concessions of a party during mediation cannot be used against them in court pursuant to the rules of evidence.
     The key advantage to mediating is that it may lower the overall cost of completing your case. It may also save you time, as it often takes a year or more to move a divorce through the courts. Because of the obvious benefits, the court will often require the parties in a divorce to mediate.
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