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     If you are considering marriage, but wish to provide for your children from a prior relationship, these agreements can resolve your issues.
     The Cutler Law Firm represents clients throughout Oakland County, Washtenaw County, Livingston County, Mocomb County, Wayne County and throughout the State of Michigan who are interested in Domestic matters, including Prenuptial Agreements. Prenuptial Agreements enable the parties to best determine their own financial future should their marriage be terminated by a court. They also provide each party certainty regarding what will occur if one of them seeks to dissolve the marriage relationship. Many marriages are dissolved because of the parties inability to agree on financial issues. By discovering this area of incompatibility before the marriage, some people are best to save the hardship of entering into a marriage where they are certain to have major problems that could result in a divorce. Among the reasons individuals insist on having an ante nuptial agreement as a condition precedent to a marriage is the desire to best provide for a child from a prior relationship, to ensure that they will receive certain property in the event of the termination of the marriage, to protect the family business, and to save the cost and acrimony of litigation.
  • The law regarding Prenuptial Agreements
     Michigan Court’s recognize the validity of the statute that supports a contractual relationship relating to property made between persons in contemplation of marriage (MCL 557.28).
     If you would like to have a consultation with an experienced prenuptial attorney, kindly contact The Cutler Law Firm at 248-489-8780 or complete THE CONTACT FORM and an Attorney will promptly respond to your inquiry.
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