Michigan recognizes Postnuptial Agreements

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These agreements are made by the parties during their marriage to govern the disposition of their property and their rights and obligations regarding support if their marriage terminates.
  • The Law in the State of Michigan regarding Postnuptial Agreements
     Two cases have been recently decided in the State of Michigan that affect postnuptial agreements (lentz -v- lentz and Wright -v- Wright). The Court of Appeals distinguished these cases where the party’s agreement was entered when they were not separated and not contemplating divorce proceedings. Cases involving parties who were not separated at the time the agreement was entered into face a much stricter legal scrutiny. The most important element when considering a postnuptial agreement is the timing of the document. When is it best to prepare and sign these agreements and what is the purpose of the contract - those are the factors that are analyzed by the Court is deciding when to utilize a postnuptial agreement.
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