Michigan's Parenting Time / Visitation Laws

      Parenting time in the state of Michigan was formerly known as Visitation. The distribution of parenting time can have a tremendous affect on a child's well-being, and should be treated with the utmost care. You need an attorney who is willing to put forth the maximum effort on your behalf! The Cutler Law Firm has 20 years experience working to get our clients the parenting time that they need and deserve.
The Law Regarding Parenting Time / Visitation
      Whether you are contemplating Divorce, or are in the middle of a Divorce proceeding, you must remember that while you are divorcing your former spouse, you are not divorcing the children that you two have together. In the state of Michigan, there is no specific rule regarding the division of Parenting Time. Each case, with its own unique attributes, is seen by the courts on a truly individual basis. The only aim of the court is to serve the best interests of the child. While this notion is strictly sought after by the courts, the application of this standard creates the presumption that Parenting Time will be granted to the parents in a manner that will promote a strong relationship between the child and parent(s) granted visitation.
     A non-custodial parent in Michigan receives Parenting Time. Parenting time may conform to a set schedule or may be more general, simply allowing Parenting Time as the parties mutually agree. The goal in creating a Custody/Parenting Time Agreement is to provide and protect the Custody and Parenting Time of both parents with respect to their child(ren).
     When a parent is utilizing their agreed upon or court mandated Parenting Time, they are regarded by the courts as having physical custody of the child during that time. The parent in this instance has the right and responsibility to make decisions necessary on any and all everyday matters that will impact the child during his or her parenting time. These decisions include what activities your child can partake in, a proper bed time, what food will be eaten, and even who the child can see/interact with. The only way a parent can be stripped of these parenting time rights is if the court specifically modifies the order regarding control over the son/daugher during these parenting time opportunities.
     The common understanding of the earlier terminology used in Parenting Time (Visitation), presented the idea that the parent with physical custody has the superior say in decisions regarding the rights of the child.
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