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Livingston County Courts Will Order The Bread Earner To Pay For A Spouse Who Could Otherwise Not Defend Themselves In A Divorce
Clients may not be able to hire an Attorney to defend a divorce complaint because they don't have access to a credit card, cash or a checking account. At The Cutler Law Firm, we are continually called upon by clients who have survived in a marriage with a spouse who has absolute control over the marital assets. We understand that any money, regardless of the spouse who earns the wages, belongs to both the husband and wife. Our Attorneys Petition the Court in order to secure the money you need to proceed with your defense.  Livingston County Family Court Judges will always consider an order directing the primary earner to pay for the other party's Attorney fees.  A properly perpared petition, based upon the unique facts of each case is presented to the Judges in Livingston County to compell them of your need for appropriate discovery and representation.
The Michigan Court Rules provide that a party may request Attorney fees at any time - MCR 3.206(C).
The Law Regarding Petitions To Order The Other Party To Pay Attorney Fees
A party requesting Attorney fees has the burden of showing a need and that the fees are reasonable and will, in fact, be incurred.  Borowsky -v- Borowsky The party requesting attorney fees must allege facts sufficient to show that the party is unable to bear the expense of the action, and the other party is financially able to pay. See also MCL 552.13
Based upon our experience in Livingston County Family Court, a properly prepared and presented petition for attorney fees can be argued before the Judge to whom your case is assigned.  If you want to discuss petitions for Attorney fees, call The Cutler Law Firm (248) 489-8780 or complete THE CONTACT FORM.
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