5.0 sta                                                    Posted by Steven
"Michael is a exceptional lawyer who blends the knowledge and professionalism you need
with the care you want. Going though a divorce is never easy, but Michael helped me
navigate through difficult waters and keep the process on track. When the opposing side
wanted to add complexity to the process he worked with opposition counsel, and helped
me reach out to my (now) ex-wife and communicate with her more productively. The final
settlement was a fair and was without wasted time and energy.
Thank you Michael."
 5.0 stars    Posted by David M              

"I wanted to expressed by gratitude to Michael Cutler in helping me

get through a difficult out of state divorce. When I was told I needed to

talk to an attorney I immediately went on the AVVO site. I had no idea

who I should contact so I started scrolling through pages until I came

across Michael Cutler. I read his reviews and reached out to him for his

help. From day one of my initial meeting until that day my divorce was

finalized he made sure that I wasn't alone during the whole divorce


When I mentioned that this was an out of state divorce, Michael went

and represented me when I was unable to be there. He continued to communicate with me

through emails, phone and letters and his staff

was outstanding in providing fast results. Michael has gone over and

beyond what an attorney would normally do for a client and I am

eternally grateful. If you need a great divorce attorney I would highly

recommend Michael Cutler."


5.0 stars

Posted by Warren


I recently used Michael Cutler for my divorce and I was very pleased with the way he

handled everything. If you're looking for an honest person who also understands the

process, Michael Cutler should be your guy.

As a business owner, I believe that the success of any business lies in choosing the

right person for the job. If you are getting a divorce, Michael Cutler is undoubtedly that