Excellent hardworking professional that gets results

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous


I hired Mr. Cutler's firm to represent me in a divorce case. Mr. Cutler represented me very well. The other side was extremely contentious and difficult, with an equally contentious and difficult attorney.

Towards the end of the initial case, we attempted reconciliation and dropped the case. It became clear after some time that reconciliation simply wasn't possible, and I retained Mr. Cutler's services for the second case. I would not hesitate to ask his firm for representation for any future needs if any arise.

Mr. Cutler defended my fatherhood rights and secured joint custody for me. Throughout the process, Mr. Cutler was fair, reasonable and calm at all times, in and out of court. When the other side was reasonable, he was reasonable. When they were not, he fought for me and my rights, securing several decisions in my favor. He worked long and late hours to secure a settlement agreement that I can live with and accept. Considering the contentiousness that I faced from the other side, the outcome was far better than my anticipated best case outcome. Mr. Cutler served me very well and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his firm.