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Amazing Results!


Posted by Robert Bowman ‎April‎ ‎19‎, ‎2017

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney
Michael Cutler's response: Robert, it was a long and winding road that we traveled. Frustrating mediation meetings, proposals and counter-proposals, finally ending with a lengthy trial. I believe that the Court did a good job with these tough issues, and we were able to finally secure your Judgment, over opposing counsel's objections.. It was great to see the expression of relief on your face. Although, I expect a few post-judgment motions, I was glad to see you move on to the next chapter of life


Amazing Results

Posted by Robert Bowman ‎April‎ ‎19‎, ‎2017

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney

Michael Cutler's response: Robert, it was a long and winding road that we traveled. Frustrating mediation meetings, proposals and counter-proposals, finally ending with a lengthy trial. I believe that the Court did a good job with these tough issues, and we were able to finally secure your Judgment, over opposing counsel's objections.. It was great to see the expression of relief on your face. Although, I expect a few post-judgment motions, I was glad to see you move on to the next chapter of life


Michael is a professional, trustworthy, ethical and responsive attorney


Posted by Anja               ‎October‎ ‎27‎, ‎2017



                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Mr. Cutler and his staff are an excellent and answered all my questions quickly, and made me feel comfortable,  I hired Cutler and Associates, and his staff kept me informed through the whole divorce process. Michael did an excellent job during negotiations, and I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I would highly recommend him."

Posted by Robin My experience with Michael and his staff was fantastic. Michael was very professional, calm and easy to approach. Returned every call I made and made me feel at ease and not worry, explained everything that I could expect to happen in my case. Michael and his staff kept me informed every step of the way. In mediation he defended me and made sure my interests were protected."

Posted by Rebecca My experience with Michael was top notch. Michael was very professional when dealing with the opposing attorney and made me feel like I was his only client. He was concerned about saving me money while offering the very best legal advise. His patience and compassion when dealing with me was very comforting. This whole process was foreign to me but Michael made sure I understood my options. He has the ability to turn a stressful situation into a positive outcome."

Posted by Baskar Mr. Cutler has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. He is very calm and easy to approach. He will respond to the emails without any delay and his staff members in his office are fantastic and very friendly to approach. He has solid knowledge of the law and combines this with a helpful and sensitive personality. I am very thankful that he brought things together in right time and fair and equal results for the both parties. He saved lot of stress and time off from my work and with very reasonable fee. I would not hesitate to recommend him as attorney and I can’t thank him enough for his caring, patience, and support.

Posted by Mihai Less than a year ago, I was on the other side of this forum looking for the best lawyer to support me into the worst time of my life. Today I'm glad that I've trusted these reviews and that I've hired Mr. Cutler. His highly professionalism, deep knowledge, curtesy and no nonsense approach, has greatly helped my confidence on every step and bottom line, win a very fair settlement of my divorce. Thank you, Mr. Cutler and your wonderful staff."

Posted by a client After speaking with several different attorneys about my custody situation, I found that Mr. Cutler was the perfect fit for my legal needs. He was very knowledgeable about the court's procedures, laws that applied to my case, and was very sincere with my situation. I would recommend hiring Mr. Cutler for any of your legal needs."

Posted by Christian After being frustrated with my original lawyer a friend of mine referred Michael to me. He was nothing short of spectacular !! The opposition throw everything they had at us and he never blinked which made me feel so confident and secure. When somebody is suing you with a high price top notch lawyer you don't even need to sweat because of Michael's on your side and you know you truly have a fighter on your side. I can't thank Michael and his AMAZING team enough for their excellent work! My wife and I are so grateful that we found him thank you !! :) "

Posted by Ron Michael ,served me well as my attorney. I fired my first lawyer and thank goodness I did. Mike was recommended to me from a lawyer who did not handle divorices. Mike is honest, straight forward about what is going to happen and made me feel the confidence in him that everything would work out. If you are looking for a great divorice lawyer make sure you contact Mike and just talk to him and I know you will agree."

Posted by Kelly When I came to Cutler and Associates I was lost and intimidated by the prospect of divorce. Michael quickly put me at ease and explained everything that I could expect to happen. It has been a very long process (10 months) and Michael has kept me informed every step of the way. In mediation he defended me and made sure my interests were protected! I would highly recommend Cutler and Associates if you are in need if outstanding representation."

Posted by Howard I was referred to Michael by another lawyer. He is very good and his rates were fair. My wife's lawyer kept filing motions to build attorney fees and Michael called her out on it which was really helpful to me and saved me money. Mike's staff is professional and they did a great job working with me during a really difficult time. I was treated with compassion and dignity which I really appreciated. Great job!"

Posted by Janet The thought of going through the courts to be able to visit with your grandchildren after losing your adult child, is quite likely, my most overwhelming experience. After hearing from several people that the "Grandparents Visitation Law" is a very "gray" area, since its rather new on the books, we were skeptical that anyone would be able to help us. We called Michael, after a referral from a friend, and right away felt his optimism in resolving this very difficult matter. After our first meeting, he came up with a plan of visitation that was acceptable to us, and proceeded with getting this into court. His quick handling of paperwork, and calls had us in court with a decision made, on time to see our grandchildren just before Christmas, as well as a set schedule for the future."

Posted by Perry I met with 6 lawyers before I met Michael Cutler. I spoke to Michael on the phone first and know that he was the lawyer for me.

When I met with Michael at his office, he was upfront and honest with me. One of the reasons I picked him is because he told me exactly how he thought my case would go. It was basic and it seemed simple. 50% of assets and 50% with the kids. The other lawyers were telling me things that just did not make sense. The other lawyers were telling me that we needed to be super aggressive and basically fight for everything. At the end of the day when my divorce was final, things turned out pretty much exactly the way Michael explained they would from day 1.

If I have one complaint about Michael is that he is always relaxed, which is what you want in a lawyer. I'm a high strung person and need to know every detail. I'm not sure how he keeps his composure sometimes when dealing with Ex's attorney. He was stern and never gave in to the ridiculous demands of the Ex's attorney.

One of the hardest things about divorce is picking the right attorney. Until the day I signed the divorce papers, I always had doubts. Now I have no doubts.

If you are reading this review and feel like you need to know more information about Michael, please call me. Call Michael, have your free phone conversation with him and then ask him for my phone number. I'm willing to share my experience with Michael and my experience with my divorce."

"Mr cutler represented me through a nasty divorce. He was a bulldog in the courtroom. He was excellent and thorough and always prepared. I believe hat he did a great job in resolving the problems I was facing. Without his help I would have been lost. I am so glad that I didn't hire those other attorneys who tried their sales pitch on me. I have already recommended him to my family and two of my friends so you know how much I trust him "
"Mr. Cutler has completed or reviewed several contracts for my business. In each instance he was knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive to my questions and concerns. He always keeps me up to date on where we are at in the process and how long I can expect turn around time to be."
"Mr. Cutler took over my case when my first attorney stopped responding to my telephone calls and was "to busy" to answer my questions. I went to one of those big law firms thinking that I would get proper attention, but soon found out that he didn't really care about my issues after collection my retainer fee. Michael met with me, answered my questions and handled my case with the professionalism I had hoped for. He will be the only attorney that I will ever recommend to my friends and family."
"Michael Cutler was a rock solid support for me during my divorce. He listened to my situation, never passed judgement, put me at ease and provided me with the absolute confidence in him to get me through the painful, challenging journey. He was thorough, available, supportive, professional and worked to resolve my most important issues: a clearly defined parenting schedule, stability for my children. He was the best in a grueling 8 hour mediation session. I am so thankful for the day I walked into his office! "
"I was fortunate to find MICHAEL H. CUTLER" "I had talked to police and other lawyers, no one would help or would guarantee anything, was feeling pretty hopeless. Found Mike, he saw the process threw, communication was never lacking and I received all my money back.  Couldn't say enough good things about how he handled this. Thanks Mike"
 - Steve
“Mr. Cutler is a “do things right” professional ! He is intelligent, truthful, highly-reliable, and savvy in matters of employment jurisprudence. His skill and talent in negotiating with opposing counsel are highly respected. Mr. Cutler is well-regarded in the Courtroom; he communicates with clarity, maintains firmness of purpose, and is personable and respectful at all times. Highly disciplined, with strong personal character, I can enthusiastically recommend his services.”  
 - Catherine
“Don’t be mislead by his quiet demeanor. Michael Cutler is an absolute Bulldog when it comes to working for his client. We’ve been fortunate to work with Michael over the past 4 years in all facets of our business from incorporation to collections and have been completely satisfied with his work ethic, professionalism and results. I would highly recommend retaining Michael for all your legal needs.” 
 - Kevin
“Mr. Cutler was a savior in my divorce case. He kept me grounded, informed and I believe I received the best settlement possible”  
 - Stan
“I have utilized Michael’s expertise in law for my XXXXXXXXX, from the inception. His professionalism and negotiating skills are superior. I highly recommend Cutler and Associates for any legal services.” 
 - Mark
“Michael goes above and beyond for his clients. During my divorce, he assessed my needs and made sure my best interests were met. He kept me well educated during the process and was constantly communicating with me. He was kind and caring. He is extremely strategic and well organized. His follow through is exceptional and he pays extreme attention to detail. He is well articulated and his communication skills during court were amazing. Michael has his clients best interest in mind at all times. His standards are very high and he is honest and practices with integrity. I would highly recommend his services”  
 - Lori
“I am a client of Michael Cutler. He helped me through my divorce as well as reviewing some of my business documents. I would recommend Michael Cutler as an attorney for several reasons. He is pragmatic, strategic and very aware of his clients needs. Michael is organized and very prompt in returning phone calls and following up on important issues. Lastly, he always puts his clients needs first and will go above and beyond your expectations to get the results you need. He is confident, experienced and professional in all of his interactions. I have already recommended him to several friends who have also been satisfied with his services.”  
 - Kellie
“Mr. Cutler has assisted XXXXXXX with 2 separate XXXXXX dispute issues. His professional, organized, and logical approach allowed these issues to be resolved quickly and favorably. Mr. Cutler is both trustworthy and honorable. I would highly recommend him to friends and family and will utilize his services when needed.”  
 - Phil
“Mr. Cutler has represented our family over the past 10 years. He is not only our attorney but confidante as well. We have referred friends and business associates to Mr. Cutler in the past and will continue to do in the future. Mr. Cutler’s knowledge of the law, calming demeanor and business sense makes dealing with legal issues easier.”  
 - Herb and Cindy
“Mr. Cutler handled a matter for a close family member. He always kept me informed and I was very satisfied with the successful outcome. As an attorney, I am very familiar with many lawyers, and I would recommend him to anyone”  
 - Raymond
“Mr. Cutler had been hired to perform some particularly complicated XXXXX work for me this past year, and he did a magnificent job in a timely manner. I have also utilized Mr. Cutler’s services for other legal issues over the past few years as I have two businesses that often require legal assistance. I would highly recommend him for either personal or business legal issues.”  
 - Raphael
"Michael- YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  :)   I KNOW that XXXX and his dirty little attorney NEVER expected me to be able to have someone like you.  I have been walked on for 14 years, mostly because I was not financially secure.  I'm trying so hard to get my classes under my belt and move toward the future.  As soon as I am divorced and hopefully have enough money to move on, I intend to move to the East Coast to Massachusetts.  I have always wanted to move there, and as many times as I visited on vacations there, it confirmed my dreams of where to live.  I definately have to get out of this town and area.  Too many people and water under the bridge.  I need a new start.
Thank you again Michael-how can I ever tell you how much you have changed my life?  You are truly a wonderful person and attorney."
- Dona
At the start of my divorce, I knew absolutely nothing about the process or what to expect. I personally spoke with at least a half dozen different divorce attorneys before choosing Michael. I made the right choice. Michael took the time to educate me about what was going to happen, and then things turned out the way he said they would. He was always level-headed, especially when I wasn't. He would listen to what I was saying, even if it wasn't really relevant to actually settling my case. He told me what to expect from the opposing counsel and he was right on target. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michael Cutler to anyone who is facing a divorce. He will come through for you just like he did for me.
- Eric
Michael is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate professional. It was very comforting to see that Michael would listen to my needs and expectations and not attempt to force any hidden agendas on me or my divorce process. Michael is extremely patient and worked well throughout the complexities of the opposing counsel.
- Andrew
The coolest head in the room, always. I felt like I had expert, unbeatable representation. But more importantly, my ex-husband felt like I had unbeatable representation. Clearly, the expertise and the experience are there, but the reason that I have recommended Michael Cutler to friends is that he walks into the room with such palpable confidence that he is a comfort to the client and, I believe, a total intimidation to the other party.

I truly believe that my divorce would have been longer, harder, messier, more expensive, and more damaging to my children and myself if not for the fact that crossing Michael Cutler seems like such a bad idea.
- Annonymous Divorce Client
I was referred to Mr. Cutler from a female friend who had hired him about a year ago. She kept raving about how fair , understanding, and knowledgeable he was. I am a male and was not happy with my present lawyer. My present lawyer at the time seemed to only be interested in her fees and keeping the case going longer. I am so happy I took her advice and hired Mr. Cutler. He is exactly as my friend said. He was totally understanding to how much time I wanted to spend with my children. He is very fair on his fees and most of all he doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but how he feels the court will rule. Because of Mr. Cutler, I get to see my kids regularly and have received a very fair settlement that I don't think I would of gotten anywhere else. Mr. Cutler protected my most prized investments and take it from me, he is an investment well worth investing in. I can now continue on with my life. I owe it all to Mr. Cutler.
- Dave R.
I was disappointed with my first attorney as he was leading me on. He promised to do all sorts of things, but never got anything accomplished. After a few months, I gave up and looked for a new attorney. After hiring Michael, I knew that I made the right choice. He fought for me and did more for my case in 2 weeks, than my last attorney did over a much longer time. Michael took the time to explain everything, every step of the way, and -as he says- he took care of my immediate and future concerns. I have already recommended his services to one of my neighbors and cousin. They told me that they are also very pleased with his work. I would also let you know that Michael always promptly returned my telephone messages and was very patient with me throughout the entire process. I have an attorney for life.
- Ben
I represented myself at the start of my divorce and my husband had his own attorney. I never felt comfortable, until I met with Mr. Cutler. He explained everything to me and always found the time to meet wih me when I asked for a face to face meeting. He picked up my case and did a great job representing me. I was confidant when I signed the divorce papers - he was reasonable with his charges and worth every dollar.
- Nivetta
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