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     The four main benefits to resolving a dissolution in an uncontested way involve money, time, control and respect. In terms of money, an uncontested case is usually wrapped up for far less than a contested case. In terms of time, uncontested cases can be concluded in less than 1/4 the time of a contested divorce. In terms of control, in an uncontested case, the parties, not the court, are generally in control of the case outcome.  In terms of respect, the parties to an uncontested divorce usually have a better relationship with each other following the dissolution action.
   Not every divorce is a long, expensive process. In many cases, the parties reach an early agreement on all of the issues. The Cutler Law Firm can help conclude your uncontested divorce quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.    
     Usually only one of the spouses hires a lawyer to prepare the necessary paperwork; lawyers cannot represent both sides in a divorce. If, for example, you hire our firm to handle an uncontested divorce, we will prepare and file the divorce petition, marital termination agreement and divorce decree. Your spouse only needs to read and sign the agreement. They may call to ask us general questions throughout the process, but they must always bear in mind that we work for you.
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