In 2000, census figures uncovered just over 15,360 same-gender cohabitating couples. While the reported figures show a sizable increase in same-sex cohabitation, the numbers represent less than 1 percent of the total 3.8 million households in Michigan. Gay, lesbian and transgender advocacy groups believe many of the state's same-sex couples may still be reluctant to report their living situation, so these numbers may still be low.
    Female-partnered households numbered over 12,480 in Michigan by 2010, more than double those reported in 2000. Male-couple households jumped 28 percent, up from about 7,300 in 2000 to almost 9,300 in 2010.
    Wayne County had the most same-sex households with more than 3,840, an 18 percent increase from the 2000 census. Grand Traverse County reported just 223 same-sex couples, but the figure represented a 70 percent increase from the previous census. Data based on the 2010 Michigan census is an indicator of possible lifestyles, but experts state that the recorded information does not describe the households in any greater detail other than as "unmarried couples."
    Michigan Courts have yet to rule upon the issues that arrise in same - sex disputes, although it is a commonly held belief amoung attorneys that the legislature will take up this topic and draft statutes that mimic those considerations around the best interests of the child. New York is currently circulating drafts of their proposed laws on this subject. Michigan is not a state that legally recognizes marriages between same-sex partners, however its population includes couples who have been married in other states and reside in Michigan.
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