Harassment Restraining Orders

Harassment Restraining orders In Michigan  - 3harsA Harassment Restraining Order instructs a person to stop harassing you, or to refrain from having any contact with you. If you believe that a person is harassing you, you can ask a court to issue a Harassment Restraining Order. If you are seeking, or defending against, a Harassment Restraining Order, The Cutler Law Firm can help.
     Harassment Restraining Orders can be helpful in custody disputes, domestic abuse cases, or during a divorce.  They can also be used if you’re being stalked by someone you feel threatened by. Harassment Restraining Orders are typically issued against non-relatives, but can be issued against family members. 

     Anybody who’s been harassed or threatened by an individual can petition for a Harassment Restraining Order. ”Harassment” is defined as behavior which causes the person being harassed to feel afraid, intimidated, threatened, or persecuted. In order for you to obtain a Harassment Restraining Order in Michigan, you must also show that the person has made several intrusive acts against you through words or gestures. These acts should have been intended to deeply impact your safety or privacy. 

     Harassment Restraining Orders can also be obtained if you can show that the person:
  • Intends to harm you;
  • Intends to harm your property;
  • Stalks you;
  • Harasses you through phone calls; or
  • Harasses you through mail, letters or packages.
Evidence may be presented in the form of testimony, or documentation.
     At first, a Harassment Restraining Order will be temporary. This will continue until such time as a hearing can be held.  If the harasser violates the terms of the Harassment Restraining Order, he/she may be arrested and charged with a crime.   It’s not just adults who can seek a Harassment Restraining Order.  If a minor child is being harassed, a guardian or parent can obtain a Restraining Order on behalf of the minor child. 
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