International Child Abduction

Child Abduction : Terrified Girl Being Kidnapped

The Law Regarding International Child Abduction

      International child abductions, also called parental kidnaping, has increased in recent years and has been more publicized in the mass media. The Cutler Law Firm has seen more than its fair share of these cases. A recent case involving Sean Goldman has been pivotal in bringing International Child Abduction to the forefront of public debate. Not every country that encounters cases of such parental kidnaping has specific laws to deal with it. Many problems occur in both jurisdiction and carrying out the rulings of the court due to this lack of codified law from country to country.
       Any case that deals with an International Child Abduction is controlled by the 1980 Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This convention was an effort by the global community to address the issue of International Child Abduction. The document generated by the convention attempted to create global standards that would govern the actions of countries in international custody disputes. The primary goal of the convention document is to protect "children internationally from the harmful effects of their wrongful removal or retention and to establish procedures to ensure their prompt return to the state of their habitual residence."
     Certain conditions must be met before the Hague convention can be invoked in International Child Abduction cases. First, both countries must be signee's of the convention. Second, a "Central Authority" must be appointed to handle all claims. If these criteria have been met, then the case will have to go through the judicial processes of one (or both) of the countries involved. This can take years in some circumstances and the cost can be enormous.
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