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     The Cutler Law Firm represents clients throughout Oakland County,   Washtenaw County, Macomb County, Livingston County Wayne County and throughout Michigan who are interested in securing an Annulment of their Marriage. An Annulment is the dissolving of a marriage that is void ab initio, that is the marriage is voidable due to bigamy, mental incompetence, fraud, duress or another reason that makes the union nonage. The Courts of this state require that an action for an annulment be filed while both parties are living and, until a Court enters an order declaring the marriage annulled, the marriage is deemed legally binding. If the client believes that the marriage should be annulled, a Complaint must be filed without delay. The passage of time undermines any claim that it is invalid.
     A Complaint to Deem a Marriage Annulled is procedurally similar to a divorce action, however the Court is required to take testimony and consider documentary evidence to declare the marriage void. The advantages/disadvantages in filing an annulment action are as follows:
  • No residency requirements
  • Spousal support is hardly ever granted
  • No dower rights
  • No claim to the other spouse’s Social Security and Disability benefits
     If you would like to have a consultation with an experienced annulment attorney, kindly contact The Cutler Law Firm at 248-489-8780 or complete THE CONTACT FORM and an Attorney will promptly respond to your inquiry.
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